Gelatin on the Keto Diet, a Quick Breakdown

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Gelatin on the Keto Diet, a Quick Breakdown

Gelatin is a protein that is released from the skin, bones, and connective tissue of an animal when it is cooked. It has a triple helix structure composed of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

Collagen hydrolysate is protein peptide derived from gelatin. The name comes from the Greek root kolla, meaning glue.

Collagen is responsible for giving our tissues and skin elasticity and allows for us to heal from injury and recover quickly after exercise.

Glycine is the primary amino acid in collagen, making up about 33% of it. Sources include fish, meat, dairy, vegetables, beans, and some fruits.

Gelatin is an awesome food that many people do not eat a lot of. Below are some of the health benefits of gelatin and why you might want to include more of it in your diet.



  • Gelatin is pro-thyroid, it helps to support metabolism by balancing amino acids (this is why it is so important to eat muscle meats with gelatin, drink bone broth, or choose gelatinous cuts) [R].
  • Gelatin enhances wound healing [R].
  • Glycine in gelatin increases adiponectin, which can help with weight loss [R].
  • Gelatin supports the biosynthesis of collagen and improves skin elasticity [R].
  • Depression is associated with low levels of blood glycine and high levels of taurine [R].
  • Gelatin (glycine) plays an important role in reducing oxidative stress [R].
  • Gelatin can restore previously lowered levels of glutathione [R, R].
  • Gelatin (glycine) helps promote relaxation and significantly improves sleep quality [R].
  • Gelatin has a history of use in the treatment of diabetes [R].

Apart from sources such as shanks, oxtail, and bone broth, gelatin can be added to the diet through supplementation. High quality powders sourced from pasture-fed animals such as Sports Research Collagen Peptides make for a great healthy protein option.

There are many recipes and ways to use gelatin in your diet. Here are some suggestions:

  • Home-made marshamallows
  • Gummy bears
  • Custard
  • Added to smoothies or juice
  • Added to gravy and sauces

What is your favorite way to use gelatin?

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